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Who are we?

We are a large group of Diamond/Plat ranked League of Legends players offering a service to take you to any rank you desire. Whether you're Bronze or Silver wanting Plat or Diamond, we have the skilled players to take you there.

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Some say the service we offer is "immoral" which is fine because people are entitled to their own opinions on elo boosting. However, we'd like you to know that our intentions on offering a service like this are in no way "immoral". We like to think of elo boosting as a way to provide LoL players with an opportunity to play with players on a higher skill level. You can be stuck at Bronze league but have the skill level of a Silver/Gold player and not even know it because the skill level of the players in your games now make it seem that way.

Haven't you ever wondered what it's like to play with skilled players who actually understand the game, and players who actually want to win? This is where we come in. We play on your account and take you to any League you desire. Whether you want to experience a higher level of ranked gameplay or have your profile shine with a new badge color is all up to you.

I have seen elo jobbing become both benefical and detrimental, it really depends on the individual. For me personally, I learned the game faster by playing with better players and thus evolved me to the player that I am today. I frequently look at the match history of players that I have boosted, and seen them stick/raise in elo or drop dramatically back to the original rating before the boost.


RobertXLee explains how some of the players he boosted actually rose in elo after he boosted them while the others remained at that elo or dropped back to the elo they started with. What we're trying to say is you will never know if you belong at a higher elo or not, so why not let us take you there to get first-hand experience at a higher level of ranked gameplay?

For the record: RobertXLee does not work with us; his thoughts on elo boosting and elo jobs resemble our thoughts in such a way that we felt it was appropriate to include them.

Summing up solo queue

Playing ranked solo queue in League of Legends is one of the most stressful experiences because there is always that one player on your team who doesn't want you to win, and that one player will do just about anything to accomplish that. It doesn't matter how hard you stomp your lane or how many wards you buy to give your team the edge because that one player is on a feeding spree in top lane. These types of players make gaining elo one of the hardest tasks in LoL to accomplish.

Learn by spectating

One of the many pros of providing an elo boosting service is the ability for you, the customer, to watch us grind elo on your account. Spectating is one of the best ways to improve as a player. Learn how to carry your ranked games even when you have a bunch of feeders on your team.

Peace of mind

If you're a first time visitor to elojob.com then you're probably thinking "there's no way you guys can keep up with all the orders" and what not. Guess what? We are the largest group of high elo League of Legends players who offer an elo boosting service and because of this we are able to handle a large amount of orders at once. You will soon figure out that we are the best in the boosting business simply because we always deliver.

There is no such thing as an elo order being too large or too difficult for us because every single one of our players are 2000 elo and higher. Some of our players you may even know from watching their livestreams, but for their account safety we do not disclose their IGNs.

Give us a shot. We've completed an insanely large amount of elo jobs since elojob.com first began in early May, 2012. In terms of professionalism, quickness and account security there is just no other service that can compete with us. =D